Simplify and scale brand-to-brand partnerships 🤝

Connect and collab with brands that drive sales.

Accelerate brand awareness

Leverage the audiences of the world's buzziest brands with targeted
sample swap partnerships.

Increase conversion rate

Add a sample from a likeminded brand as a gift-with-purchase at your checkout to boost average order value and conversion rate.

Reach new customers

Get samples into the hands of your target customers when partners add your product as a gift-with-purchase on their ecommerce store.

Guide consumers to purchase

Convert sampled customers with effective remarketing tactics.

Set up your first sample swap

How to simplify gift-with-purchase partnerships.

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Fill out our partnership form

Tell us what you're looking for in your perfect brand partner, and what samples you want partners to add as a gift with purchase at their checkout.

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Match with brands

Search our database of brands and find partners that align with your brand values, aesthetics and target customer. Request to match to kick off the conversation.

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Get samples to potential customers

If it's a mutual fit, kizmet will connect both partners! (Sorry, no roses 🌹). Then, both brands swap sample inventory and add a gift-with-purchase at checkout.

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